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VERT Solutions

The Flight Simulator for radiation therapy

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Features & Benefits

Explore our software

Vert Solutions

VERT - The Flight Simulator for radiation therapy

Not sure? Find the perfect solution

You don’t need to have it all figured out before contacting us.

Features & Benefits

Explore our software

  • Teaching content

    Comprehensive VERT content that’s ready to go.

  • Virtual Presenter

    Prepare ahead of time for focused teaching time and maximum impact.

  • Physics 2

    Simulates Radiotherapy processes (treatment and machine QC).

  • QA & Dosimetry

    Complex calibrations, simulated safely.

  • IGRT

    Replicates the gold standard in clinical practice.

  • Patient models

    Simulated, full-body patient models.

  • DICOM data

    Import patient images, structures, plans, and dose.

  • Plan Comparison

    Demonstrate the dose difference for treatment techniques.

  • 4D support

    View different breathing phases for a 4D data acquisition.

  • Dose visualisation / DVH

    Visualise plan dose in multiple ways in the treatment environment.

  • Protons

    A virtual Proton treatment vault.

  • Beams

    Replicate treatment delivery using beam animation and 3D views.

  • Simulate calibration errors

    Simulate real errors and visualise their impact.


VERT - The Flight Simulator for radiation therapy

Proton VERT

Includes Proton machine models and the ability to deliver Proton beams and show range shifters within the software.

Welcome to Proton VERT

A virtual Proton treatment vault: Proton VERT simulates the important functions of the treatment machine.

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The Features
Introduce latest clinical techniques without the need for clinical placement
Compare Proton and Photon treatment plans
Ensure students qualify with the most up to date teachings and skill set
Be ahead of the game in teaching Radiotherapy
Train team members on the most cutting-edge technology in a safe non pressured environment
Introduce latest clinical techniques prior to implementation
Visualise pencil beam scanning and spot depth
Compare Proton and Photon treatment plans
What's included Features & Benefits

What's included?

Proton VERT is a module for our latest VERT software, to run on a VERT system, your own compatible hardware, or laptops purchased from Vertual.

Compatible laptops available for purchase

Proton VERT requires a laptop or desktop with high-level graphics performance. We can advise you on the specification, or you can source compatible hardware from us.

Onsite training upgrade available

Online training is included with Proton VERT and delivered by one of our product specialists. If you want to have someone on-site to train your team, there's an optional upgrade available.

With over 160 installs, we are the undisputed market leader.

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“With its 3D visualization tools and advanced simulation capabilities, the VERT system effectively facilitates students’ understanding of “the complexities of radiation therapy.”

Inholland University of applied sciences

“VERT is used in the Access to Care (A2C) Cape Town radiotherapy training programme to supplement practical radiotherapy training across low to middle income countries and increasing the skills of radiotherapy professionals”

University of Cape Town

"We are honoured to be one of Vertual’s reference site which allows us to undertake testing of new software releases and provide user input.”

UWE Bristol

"Not only is VERT am amazing tool for radiation therapy student education, it has elevated our interprofessional learning experiences for other health profession students, changing the way they think about radiation. Clinically, it has transformed the way we share the practice of radiation therapy to our patients, their families and the community, alleviating some of the fear and unknown of radiation treatment."


The incorporation of VERT as a teaching tool is invaluable, as it provides an opportunity for QUT students to undertake practical classes to consolidate academic knowledge and provides practical application of theory. This is able to be achieved in a safe learning environment without clinical pressures, enabling students to build skills in preparation for clinical placement and meet the standards for professional registration upon graduating from the University.

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